Empowered Childbirth Course


Empower Your Childbirth Journey

This is a special curriculum that integrates a decade of experience working with the body, breath, and relaxation techniques. You will also learn the mechanics, physiology, and common primary care practices for pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. This is your birth, and you get to do it in the way that is safest and most desired for your family. You have options, but only if you have the information! The course provides an informational intensive handbook and each class offers a hands-on, interactive portion. There are 5 classes that run up to 2 hours long.  If we do not manage to cover all of the information, a 6th class will be offered to finish the course curriculum.



Group Setting: $295, 5-6 classes, 11-14 hours of instruction

3 PART SERIES REFRESHER COURSE (Includes classes 1, 3, & 4 of the course curriculum.)

Group Setting: : $195, 3 classes, 7-8 hours of instruction

Private Setting: $275, 3 classes 7-8 hours of instruction

Course Curriculum Summary

CLASS ONE Embracing Your Journey 

Getting a Good Start: We will begin identifying your personal beliefs surrounding birth. We will talk about the importance of care providers, and how you can find a team that best supports your desires for your birth. This class also focuses on teaching you how to use your pregnancy to prepare you for your birthing day and how your partner can help you as well. We will discuss pelvic floor care, breath awareness, engaging presence of mind, and various relaxation techniques for pregnancy. You will also receive exclusive access to an online library of  meditation/relaxation tracks I have prepared for you. These tracks will help you manage your pregnancy and can prepare for your birthing day ahead. The interactive portion of this class explores breath expansion, presence of mind, and a guided partner-supported relaxation.

CLASS TWO Understanding Your Options

Common Interventions in the Birth Space: You will learn the anatomy and terminology of pregnancy and birth. We will discuss evidence-based information surrounding common interventions in the birth space. Learn the evidence behind various forms of pain relief in labor, labor induction and augmentation, and more. See what options best support your beliefs and needs for your pregnancy. The interactive portion of this class will teach various comfort measures for labor. This class ends with guided breath awareness and relaxation practices.

CLASS THREE Planning Your Birth & Special Circumstances

Preparing for Your Journey: Now that you've been introduced to the many options you have pertaining to labor and birth, you can move forward to creating a birth plan that fits your needs. I can answer any questions you may have surrounding your particular desires for your birth. We will begin working on your birth plan. You can continue to refine it as you decide more of what you want for your experience. We will also review special circumstances of pregnancy and labor like cesarean birth, VBAC, breech presentation, fast labor, long labor, etc. We will discuss what your options are for such circumstances.  This interactive portion of this class takes you through various techniques for optimal position of the baby, techniques that will help you find comfort for your body in the latter stages of pregnancy, and a guided practice of your choice. 

CLASS FOUR A Labor of Love

Your Rhythm in Labor: We will review the many variations of normal labor. The purpose of this class is to enable you to recognize when labor begins and offers options to help you manage until your baby is in your arms. We will also discuss the importance of the different hormones triggered during labor and birth. Learn about how these hormones can help you from relaxing into labor to having a surge of energy needed to birth your baby. Feel as prepared as possible going into your birthing day. You will begin to think about your rhythm and flow that will help you cope and manage your special day. The interactive portion of this class takes you through a mock labor that includes the relaxation and breathing techniques we have been exploring.

CLASS FOUR Postpartum Care

Caring for Yourself and Your Newborn: This class covers what you can expect immediately post birth and in the first weeks after your baby is born. Learn how to care for your body and your newborn. You will have tips on breastfeeding, information on postpartum depression/anxiety, and learn what is normal and what may be cause for concern in both you and the baby. I have a special section on massage for infants as well. We will make a plan for postpartum support. The interactive portion of this class will cover more optimal baby positioning techniques, positions for breastfeeding, and comfort techniques for pregnancy and labor. We will end with a guided relaxation practice.

"She listened and answered all of the questions and concerns that I had. When needed, she provided additional information and well-research findings. This open communication was a tremendous resource to help us make decisions about birth and care. Her childbirth education materials left us feeling empowered, encouraged, educated, and more informed about what we would face ahead of us." -K.R.