Prenatal and Postpartum Meet Up

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Mondays at 6 pm

UPCOMING MEETING DATES:  5/20, 6/3, 6/17, 7/1, 7/15, 7/29

There is a growing need to create healthy support systems through pregnancy and the postpartum time. This transitional time in our lives changes everything from the relationship dynamics in our houses to the social systems that surround us. This meeting is a safe place for you to come and talk with others going through similar experiences.  Feel free to share with us what is currently going on in your life, as well as your hopes  and  concerns. This is a place where you can be around other adults who are going through a similar shift in their lives. Everyone's story is different. Still, having a space to speak with others in a casual and open-minded environment is one way you can nurture your social structure as you juggle the demands of parenthood.  I was inspired to create this group  after experiencing my own struggles during my postpartum time.  Over the years, I have seen family, friends, and others who could have benefited from having a system like this in place. In the future, I plan to have a monthly speaker come and offer a small presentation on various ways you can be supported through your journey as it pertains to you and your children. Speakers may include therapists, lactation consultants, nutritionist, etc.  I get to see so many lives changed as I walk with families through their pregnancy and birth experiences.  I have a unique opportunity to carry that support forward by having a weekly support group. If  you are currently pregnant, or have had a baby, I welcome you with an open heart and mind. It would be an honor to share this space with you.