Acupressure for Labor Protocol


Session 1 $75

Session 2 $65

Session 3 $55

Does it work?

The Acupressure for Labor Protocol has about a 70% success rate. In my personal practice, I see it work for about 4 out of every 5 clients when they are also receiving other alternative therapies like chiropractic care and acupuncture. It works best when initial signs of labor are already present. This means if you have a combination of factors indicating labor is coming but hasn’t quite started, you will have a better chance of the Acupressure for Labor Protocol working for your body. These signs can be prodromal labor that comes and goes over a few days, loss of mucous plug, long-lasting menstrual like cramping feeling overnight or through the day, water breaking but labor hasn’t started, and various other signs that signal labor is close. It also works really well in labor if contractions are inconsistent, or are close but not lasting long enough for progress, which is helpful if you hire me as a doula. We don’t always know the reason why labor doesn’t start. Our bodies and our babies are intelligent, and we must trust them to do what they need to do, however that needs to happen. Acupressure is an extremely gentle therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific acupressure points to open and clear meridians of the body. It will not cause your body to do anything it isn’t already going to do. It's important to remember that your body will only open to labor when it is ready. 

When should I try the Acupressure for Labor Protocol?

I ask that all clients eligible for this session be 41 weeks. You’ll need a release from your care provider to try alternative therapies to help bring labor before I can work on you. If it is medically indicated that you should go into labor sooner, I would still ask for a release to move forward with the Acupressure for Labor Protocol. If you’re facing induction and you want to try something different first, I encourage you to talk to your care provider about alternative therapies. This includes but is not limited to acupuncture, acupressure, and a Webster certified chiropractor.