Compassionate Reliable Support

Creating a birth team that supports your desires for birth is of utmost importance during this incredibly transitional and sacred time in your life. I'm here to support you in your choices. I can help prepare you to knowledgeably advocate for your desired birth experience. I will be there on the day of your birth supporting whatever needs may come up for you during that time. I can support a family who is birthing naturally at home, hospital, or birth center, labors with pitocin, an epidural, or other medications in labor, or has a C-section.  I will stay with you for the first few hours postpartum to help you settle in. Below are the service packages I have available. Payment plans are available with a deposit of $300-$450. Feel free to call me to discuss what your needs are for your pregnancy and birth. (Repeat clients, please contact me to discuss your desires for your current pregnancy. There is a special offer for hiring me to support your family again.)

Contact me for a no-obligation initial consultation!   Let's get together and I will show you how I can guide you onto the next step. I'd love to meet you and share with you all I can do for you, and I will provide you with a free information and services packet.  

All packages include:

  • Unlimited phone and email support through your pregnancy, birth, and up to 6 weeks postpartum.
  • Access to my lending library of books on pregnancy, birth, and caring for a newborn.
  • Access to a growing online library of meditation tracks I created tailored to prepare you for your journey ahead: Breath Awareness, Prenatal Relaxation Exercise, Affirmations for Pregnancy, Affirmations for Labor, and other Guided Relaxations and more.
  • Access to a Members Only page on my website where I have gathered links, videos, and additional resources to assist you with your prenatal, birth, and postpartum.
  • I'm on call for you the moment you sign your contract!
  • I offer continuous support through your labor and birth. I will listen to your needs and follow your cues. Unique comfort measures such as massage, acupressure, applying counter pressure to the lower back, hip squeezes, and other specialized techniques may also be used to help ease the sensations of childbirth. I can take a hands-on approach if needed, and/or coach your partner on how to assist you. Together, we can help you manage your labor.
  • I will stay with you a few hours immediately postpartum to help your family settle in and assist with breastfeeding initiation if needed. After a cesarean, I can stay up to four hours post birth to help with first feeding or first time you have to pump.
  • If your chosen package comes with the Childbirth Education Refresher course, these classes will run about 2 hours each. 

In addition to these benefits that come with choosing me, the following packages also include:

The ESSENTIAL Doula Package


Initial Consultation, Online Meeting via Skype/Google Hangouts, & Birth Support

The CLASSIC Doula Package


Initial Consultation, Optional Online Meeting, 1 In-Home Prenatal Meeting, Abbreviated Prenatal Aromatherapy Consult (if desired), Use of the TENS Unit for Labor, Birth Support, 1 In-Home Postpartum Meeting  



Initial Consultation, Optional Online Meeting, 4 Seventy-Five Minute Prenatal Massages, 1 In-Home Prenatal Meeting, Abbreviated Prenatal Aromatherapy Consult (if desired), Use of TENS Unit for Labor, Birth Support, 1 Postpartum Meeting, 1 In-Home Postpartum Massage. 

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Add On Services

Customize your doula package!

Everyone's needs for their journey will be different. Here are additional services clients often ask to add onto whichever package best fits their needs:

I'm open to discussing customized packages. Contact me to discuss your needs for your pregnancy and birth. You can email me at or call me  at 469-438-3239.