Mindful Meditation: A mini class in Enlightenment


Class comes with a course booklet and meditation tracks.

Group Class  $60, 2- 21/2 hours (3 people minimum)

What is meditation?

Meditation is the act of quieting the conscious mind, allowing us to tap into the subconscious where we can exist free from judgment or expectation. This ever-expanding inner world houses the entirety of the soul’s experiences, and serves as a sanctuary and spiritual schoolroom.

What can I expect to learn in this class?

  • Understand what meditation is and why it works to improve your quality of life.
  • Learn practical techniques to quiet mental chatter/sub vocalization.
  • Learn to build and strengthen focused awareness within the mind.
  • Learn how engaging your full breathing potential can advance your practice. 
  • Be lead in training exercises that teach breath and body awareness.
  • Explore ways to practically incorporate meditative awareness into your daily life.
  • Unearth the knowledge of your inner universe and sanctuary that exists within you.


By using different tools to practice meditative states, we create pathways that build and strengthen focused awareness within the mind. This improves our cognitive response to stress. We can learn to better control our response in any given situation by thinking ourselves to do so. Practicing meditation will strengthen these neural networks over time, and we can call upon a calmer and more grounded expression of ourselves. 

The act of meditation will teach you to tune into body awareness, create quiet at any moment, and discover the potential of your inner universe. As with anything you wish to do well, this will take practice. This place of reflection and quietude will teach you a great many things about yourself if you are willing to dive into and discover the potential of the spiritual being you are.

Unearth and explore the sacredness of the universe you hold within. It is there you can find restoration, healing, and unlimited reservoirs of untapped potential.