Pre/Postnatal Massage


$75 One Hour

$90 Seventy-Five Minutes

$110 Ninety Minutes

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy causes the body to experience incredible changes. Throughout pregnancy and as your due date approaches, massage can be a great way to ensure your body is in the best shape possible for the birth event to come. Muscles and joints begin to expand with the growing baby as the body nourishes new life growing inside. Ligaments and fascia in the body soften because of the pregnancy hormone, relaxin. Previously existing aches, pains, and the new sensations you may be feeling in your body can be addressed with massage therapy. I can work to help to dissipate any stored tension in the muscles and joints. Physically feel better. Find ease, calm, and relaxation in your sessions. Feel supported emotionally and physically, as we work with your body to give you the best prenatal experience possible.

Postpartum Massage

It's important to remember it takes nine months for the prenatal body to shift, open up, and adjust to a growing baby. It takes at least the same amount of time (and up to two years or more) for the body to return to the strength and form it was prior to pregnancy. This is a very real time of adjustment and recovery for the postpartum body. The hormones that allowed your body to open up and grow your baby are still present in the body for about three months postpartum. The pelvic floor that softened and stretched will need time to heal and recover. Your lower back and pelvis will also need time to properly support the weight of the spine and upper body again. This isn't a sign of weakness, but an opportunity nature has given your recovering body to help you become even stronger. The hormone relaxin is still present in the postpartum body which gives us a special window of opportunity to get to the root of imbalance and aches. Your connective tissues are still softer than usual which makes problem areas, even pre-pregnancy problem areas, easier to target and release. Your body will regain its strength in time. You can avoid additional aches that come from compensating and reinforcing poor structure by beginning massage therapy as soon as possible postpartum. This can ensure that your body isn't tightening down around imbalanced areas. Massage can help your body by offering physical relief, comfort, and time to focus on you. A trip to the massage therapist should be one of your first trips out of the house postpartum. Taking care of yourself means you can better take care of everything else around you.

"Celia is seriously amazing. She helped me get through all the fun aches and pains during my last trimester of pregnancy. She is also an incredible post partum masseuse! I have three kids and even with a cesarean birth, it was my easiest recovery yet. I definitely credit much of that to her!" -MC