Healing Arts Therapy


$60 1 hour

$90  Ninety Minutes

What can I expect when I receive this type of session?

This is a session that incorporates various tools and techniques used in the healing arts. This type of work has come naturally to me for a long time. I knew finding a practice like Reiki would help me better understand how to use this awareness for others and would also greatly benefit my own life. In a Reiki session, I will make a conscious intention to connect to the spiritual wisdom of the universe. I will then allow this wisdom that comes through intuition and various forms of feeling to guide me to balance your chakras/energy centers, remove blockages, smooth unsettled energy, and energetically sort through whatever may come up in your session. This is an energy working session where I don't have to physically touch you, although I can also use in combination with massage. I can use a variety of acoustic sound healing tools like singing bowls and harmonic chimes. You can rest, relax, and allow your thoughts to drift. The work will guide and take care of itself. After a session, clients often feel a greater sense of calm, lighter sense of energy, and an overall more balanced state of being.

Does it really work?

For years as an LMT, I have been asked, "Do you do energy work?" The short answer has always been, "Yes, you cannot move through a physical body without moving the energy connected to that body.” General massage will address and balance energy naturally and without any more effort than it takes to do the massage itself. This is why after a massage you can feel more at ease and relaxed. It’s more than just the physical tension that’s subsided. However, with permission from my client, focused intention, specific training, and allowing myself to be guided by this Source that is greater than either of us, this style of energetic work can be extremely effective. 

Why is receiving this treatment important?

We go through life addressing the high times and low times by going through the motions. This means that we make adjustments and adapt however we must to move forward. All too often we are left tired, drained, and/or disconnected. Even when we are able to move past that and feel positive again, it doesn't mean the impact of hard times hasn't stored itself in our energetic and spiritual memory. Energy work can be done to heal the spirit body from the negative impact of people, situations, and our own personal judgments. You can restore your energetic and spiritual health. The need for this type of healing work has never been greater. Let’s get back to our roots, and find healing from the inside out. Through energy healing, we can truly enhance the quality of body, mind, and soul, thus enhancing the quality of our lives. 

If you will allow me to "go there" for a moment: At the root of who we are, we each hold an unlimited supply of life energy that connects us to each other. You cannot affect one part of a web without affecting the web as a whole. However, the awareness of this knowledge has become lost in the hustle and bustle of our overbooked lives. By working on healing ourselves, which is a constant work in progress, we can begin to heal humanity one soul at a time.