Advanced Aromatherapy Consultation


Group Class $45 for 1 hour (3 people minimum)

Private Class $65 for 1 hour

Includes Custom Crafted Aromatherapy Blend

What can I expect to learn in this class?

  • Learn the difference between top, medium, and base note essential oils.
  • Learn how to create a balanced blend.
  • Learn the basics of essential oil safety for a sound and ethical practice.
  • Learn how to properly incorporate essential oils into a gentle daily practice. 
  • Find what oils will work best for your specific symptoms.
  • Learn how to patch test and how to assess for possible reactions.
  • Understand what sensitization is and which oils are more prone to inducing this type of reaction.
  • Enjoy a unique sampling of products.

This course offers you the opportunity to learn how to properly incorporate using essential oils into a safe and beneficial practice. Read More On Aromatherapy Here.