Massage Client Reviews

Christy M.  Celia is amazing! She is truly a massage THERAPIST. I appreciate her techniques and the wonderful results. 1/18

Eshelle W.  I just had the most amazing prenatal massage by  Celia Aldape from With Guided Hands Massage & Birth Services. She is gifted! If you’re looking for an amazing massage reach out to her.  8/18

Jessica H. I had went in for my very first massage ever with the thought that I honestly didn't understand why so many people get them lol. That is until I got mine! Celia has got to be the best out there, I'm just sure of it. I cannot rave about this experience more. She sends you into the most relaxed state of mind, body, and soul all at the same time. Being a mother of 4 and pregnant with # 5 I was so appreciative of this experience and plan to use Celia even after my doula package is up. Great job Celia your massages are a true reflection of the passion you put into it. (: 12/17

Caren N. Celia is absolutely fantastic! Her massages are personalized and she has the right pressure. I'm very impressed with her skills. 9/17 (Facebook)

Amber C.  I have been to Celia before and really enjoyed my experience so I went back for a prenatal massage now that I'm expecting and with as much pain and how uncomfortable I've been, I honestly didn't know what to expect but she did an excellent job catering to and adjusting things for my comfort. Very pleased and would recommend her for sure. 1/17 (Facebook)

Nichole A.  I love Celia!!! Best Massage Therapist in Bedford. Especially for Prenatal. 11/16 (Facebook)

Alexandra J. Celia was kind, informative, and a great listener. She is very thorough and I feel amazing after  my 90 minute massage! I can't wait to go back. 6/16 (Facebook)

Vanessa R.  I quit my membership to Massage Envy because they weren't as flexible and the therapist weren't consistent. Celia is awesome, I love her! I am so glad I found her!!! 4/16 (Facebook)

Bubba R. Urban Oasis is awesome! I look forward to every session. Celia targets the areas that need work & provides vital information for a speedy recovery. I suggest everyone make an appointment as soon as possible. 3/16 (Facebook)

Amy M.  In my experience this is one of the best sessions. (Sinus Allergy Rescue) Celia often offers more relief then medication. 3/16 (Facebook)

Robert N.  There's no one who gives massages better! 6 years later and every time I come you still do something new. 9/15 

Jennifer G. Ahhh-mazing massage. Thank you so much Celia Aldape for working out the crunchiness!!!! 6/15 (Facebook)

Kyle R.  Picked up right where you left off. You haven't missed a beat! 3/15

Stephanie H.  This was the best massage I have had! I didnt know all the stretching could feel so good and I never had hot stones. That was incredible. I'm just sorry I found you as your heading out for maternity leave.  Keep me updated when you come back! Cant wait to see you when you return! 12/14

Kristie S. Celia is awesome. She really figures out what your body needs and works the session to support the needs! 12/14 (Facebook)

Paul F.  I've been to many massage therapists over the years. I have to say this was the best one yet. 10/14

Laura W. Celia Aldape is an amazing massage therapist. She is an amazing person, talented therapist, and renews my spirit every time I see her. That is all. 5/14 (Facebook)

Bob C.  Your suggestions re: essential oils on an everyday basis have helped both Angie and I. ThankQ for the blends you provided for my rib injury, and for us both to relax during the day or at the day's end. We deeply appreciate how you take the time to query and listen to us, then suggest and create. 3/14 (Facebook)

Aaron L.  Thanks for fitting me in today. Enjoyed the session! 11/13

Kelly J.  I could not have danced with out your help today. Thank you! 8/13

Christy G.  I feel so much better. I can tell a huge difference in my neck. It doesnt crack and pop when I move side to side, it's a smooth movement. I truly appreciate it. You are amazing at what you do. 7/13 (Facebook)

Gena O.  Celia is a wonderful therapist-- more like a physical therapist for me! Check her out! 4/13 (Facebook)

Ron J.  I have had many massages and Celia is by far the best massage therapist I have ever met! She knows her stuff! 3/13

Mary H.  You are simply divine. 3/13 (Facebook)

Michelle L. Thank you so much for the session today. I actually feel awesome right now! Tons of energy. Cant wait for the next one. 1/13

Angie K. Celia I have to thank you again so much for the session today. It was just what I needed. I look forward to seeing you in couple of weeks again and promise me you'll so the stone thingy again. 11/12 (Facebook)

Misty F.  Love Celia! I truly feel my best with regular massages by Celia Hernandez. I've dealt with IT Band issues, piriformis pain, and intense upper back tension and seeing Celia on a regular basis has helped to improve or even eliminate all these issues. Give her a call, you'll thank me! 10/12 (Facebook)

Nichole G. I went to Celia for a Prenatal Massage and it was wonderful! When you're pregnant you really get a lot of pain in your back, feet, and hands. Celia knows what to look for and how to relieve stress on the body. It feels wonderful to be on her table under her caring hands. I love how she has so much knowledge and will help you feel better. She gives tips to help yourself later on at home, and takes great care with the overloaded maternal body! I love massage by Celia! 8/12 (Facebook)

Bonnie H.  My Husband and I had a Couples Massage from Celia and Anthony. They were both very professional and competent.

We had just returned from a long trip full of walking, hiking and extended time sitting in planes. The Couples Massage was the perfect thing to get us back to normal. Not to mention the perfect thing to top off our time together. Do yourself and your partner a favor and have a Couples Massage with Celia and Anthony. It's a wonderful treat even made better when you share it with your loved one. 8/12

Randy C.  I have been getting massages from Celia for several months now and I have to say that she is the best. She knows what she is doing. I feel very relaxed during and after the massage every time. I have multiple issues with my back and neck and she relieves the pain each session. She is professional and knowledgeable in her trade and I would recommend her highly!!!! 8/12

Steve C. Celia's massage is very intuitive. She has the ability to read her client's body and provide a massage specific to their individual needs. She is technically gifted but also artistic in her approach. The result is a very relaxing, comfortable massage experience that gets great results. I always feel great afterwards. 8/12

Charles P.  I have seen Celia for almost three years now and she is fantastic. I used to see several therapist and would bounce between them, but now I basically only have to see Celia for my needs. The Fusion Sessions are some of the best experiences I have ever had. The combination of massage and stretching does wonders for my tight and knotted up areas. I have suffered with a balky back for years and Celia gives me relief every time. I would highly recommend Celia to anyone needing relief from tight, sore muscles or just anyone who enjoys massage as a great preventative session for life itself. 8/12

Russell M. Celia's unique combination of artistry and knowledge make her the best! Her drive to continually improve the quality of her therapy is the mark of a true professional with a great work ethic. Celia has greatly improved the quality of my life and I highly recommend her. Thanks Celia! You're awesome! 7/12

Kyle R. Quite simply Celia is the best. I am very active both inside and outside the gym and she knows exactly what to do to work out the soreness and pain to keep me going. For over two years I have had appointments every other week and have no plans to stop. 7/12

Jennifer M.  Thank you Celia for the amazing massage. I feel so much better. Love the clove scented oil. 7/12

Ylona C.  Had my first massage ever today by the patient and professional Celia Hernandez! The massage was great, her office looks beautiful and the atmosphere is very relaxing. She knows what she is doing! 6/12

Mary A. Go see Celia and stick with her. She will change your life! 6/12 (Facebook)

Jenifer A. I have been coming to see Celia since 2009 and have to say she just keeps getting better. I am a dancer and sore muscles, aches and pains go along with the territory.Each time I come in she has worked the problem right. I leave happy, relaxed and right as rain. She is not just any other therapist. She puts her heart and soul into her work. She is a jewel that truly cares. I highly recommend anyone considering a therapist to consider Celia. It would be one of the best decisions for your health. 5/12

Ruben G. There you did it again, Miss C. The best just keeps getting better. I have been to a lot of massage therapist in the past years but not by choice. It's so nice to finally find a top quality professional as yourself Celia. Keep it up young lady. I hope I didn't snore too loud. Best of the best massages I ever had. 3/12

Ryan M.  I have been going to Celia for several years now. She is by far the best therapist I have ever been to. I always feel better even days after getting a  massage. She is very professional and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Highly recommended!! Thank you Celia. 3/12

Sannaz K. Celia is awesome. I have tried so many massage therapist and none I can compare to Celia. She was the only on who could help with the pain on my back I had for 5 months. It didn't even take her that long to fix it. She gives very good instructions and you need to do what she tells you to do. I recommend her to anyone. Thank you Celia. 2/12

Paul T.   I saw Celia for the first time yesterday. The room was very comfortable and well appointed, the table was nice and warm and the massage was the best part. My body was sore from a lot of travel and Celia took the time to get the many knots out of my back, shoulder and neck area. I have been getting massages for a long time and that was one of the best ever... maybe the best. 1/12

William B.  I woke up this morning and the pain was gone! Thank you! 12/11

Micheal P.  She has taken more knots out of my back than a sailor sees in his lifetime  11/11

Gayle  & Liam L. You give the best massage ever, you make me let go every time. My 5 year old Liam had the best time at his massage. He told  all his buddies at school. Needless to say his teachers were jealous. I thank you for being awesome. I speak for Mama, Papa, Liam and I. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 10/11

Kim M. Thank you Celia! The massage was perfect it was just what I needed. I have never had anyone actually do pressure points on me like that before except my mom and she doesn’t count. You really worked out my tightness in my shoulders and back. I left there feeling like a new woman. The stress from the day was completely released. Thank you again and I will be coming back. 3/11

Linda F. I had the best massage with Celia this morning! and her new place is beautiful and soothing! Celia massages = LOVE + OOZINESS!!! 9/11

David M.  I have had several massages before but never has one been even close to the level of what Celia gives. Her knowledge and professionalism are evident as soon as the session begins and doesn't stop until you're... a new person. By the end of my session, my body was so relaxed that my voice actually changed the sounded as though I just woke up from a deep sleep. I highly recommend Celia to anyone wanting a true professional and knowledgeable massage service! 8/10

Ruben G.  What can I say to express my feelings about a session with Celia except that you feel like you are floating on a cloud after she completes her massage techniques. I have had some of the best massage therapist around, but Celia is by far the best therapist I have ever had work on me. She is caring, sweet and has the heart of an angel. I wish her much success in her professional life, as well as her personal life. 6/08