Advanced Massage Modalities

Fusion Therapy


$85/1hr   $120/90min  $160/2hrs 

Experience the most custom-tailored massage your body will ever experience. Medium pressure to deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial, a few hot stones, and gentle stretches will flow seamlessly together in a massage that is corrective in nature and completely relaxing. 

Shiatsu Therapy


$145/90min     $175/2hrs

Shiatsu focuses on stimulating acupressure points and utilizes specialized stretching. This session will boost organ functioning, stimulate the body's detoxification process, balance energy, release stored tension, and offers unique full body stretches all in one incredible session.  

Sinus Relief Session


$45/30min      $75/1hr

Congestion, drainage, sinus pressure, headaches, or migraines can all be symptoms of allergy related issues. This unique session is designed to help relieve sinus pressure, break up congestion, and ease muscle soreness in the upper body associated with upper respiratory strain.

Hot Stone Massage


$90/1hr      $125/90min

Smooth river stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and massaged onto muscles. Allow your body to be rocked to relaxation by the comfort of heat. Feel your tension melt away with this unique style. You will reach a level of relaxation you've yet to experience!

Massage for Headaches


$75/1hr     $110/90min

This session can relieve tension headaches and can also assist with migraines if you catch them early enough. I use a combination of acupressure and fascial stretches. I will also show you how to utilize specific acupressure points that can help to relieve a headache before they peak.

Lymphatic Massage


$85/1hr   $120/90min  $150/2hrs

The lymphatic system can also be called the plumbing system of the body. It helps to rid the body of allergens, cellular and metabolic waste, and other toxins undigested by the body. You will boost your body's ability to clear itself out resulting in a better functioning immune system.

Prenatal Massage


$70/1hr  $85/75min  $110/90min

  I'm a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist. This special training gives you the opportunity to experience a knowledgeable, quality care that will support your body as it goes through the many changes pregnancy brings. Physically feel better! Find ease, calm, and complete relaxation in your sessions.

Postpartum Massage


$70/1hr  $85/75min  $110/90min

This is a very real time of adjustment and recovery for the body. Connective tissues are still softer than usual which makes problem areas, even pre-pregnancy problem areas, easier to target and release. Massage can help your body by offering physical relief, comfort, and time to focus on you. 

Womb Massage


$70/ 60-80 min

Restricted fascia & scar tissue surrounding the pelvic organs causes physical imbalance, energetic disruption, and pain at various times through our monthly cycle.  The womb space is a sacred space full of inner wisdom.  Working to restore this sacred center encourages physical health and total well being.

Deep Tissue Therapy


 $90/1hr     $130/90min

Repeated daily movements can ail us in ways that result in frozen joints, sharp pains, deep aches, tingling, and/or numbness. This advanced modality session uses deep tissue, trigger point, and myofascial techniques. This is a detailed session that uses a notably slower pace to ensure effective work.

TLC Massage



Everyone can benefit from massage therapy, from the very young to the elderly. Kids can experience growing pains, and aches from being active or playing sports. The elderly can use a gentle touch to encourage relaxation and feel connected. Massage can enhance the quality or life at any age!



 $20/15min   $40/30min  $75/1hr

Reflexology stimulates acupressure points of the hands and feet. These acupressure points directly correlate to various organs and different parts of your body.  Alleviate tension in your body, nourish nerve function, stimulate the functioning of the organs, and improve circulation to the hands and feet.

Add On Services

Singing Bowl Therapy


FREE- Upon Request

Singing bowls have traditionally been used during prayer, meditation, and for sound therapy. A relaxing, centering, and healing tone is created when a rubber mallet strikes the side of the bowl or is run around the rim. For our purposes here, I can play a singing bowl for a few moments at the end of your massage session.

Meditation for Massage


FREE- Upon Request

You can add a guided meditation onto the end of your session. While there is no fee for this, I will wrap up the massage about 5 minutes early and we will go over the session time about 5 minutes. Guided meditations will need to be previously booked with the appointment, so I can be sure I have time available for it. 




Add the advanced use of aromatherapy onto any massage session. Properly diluted blends will be applied topically and a gentle blend will be diffusing in the room. Essential oils will also be used in conjunction with steamed towels as a therapeutic compress. Open up your senses and explore the world of aromatherapy.